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Bridgemere Show Gardens - August 21-26.jpg

The Pond & Waterfall Garden

The soothing call of nature, a haven for wildlife, the relaxing sound of moving water, a place to stop and contemplate!


3 streams cascade into the pool, which is surrounded by moisture loving plants such as the prehistoric looking Gunnera Manicata, which is why the plant is also nicknamed’ Dinosaur Food’. Damp loving plants such as Astilbe, Lythrium ‘Robert’, Filipendula rubra and the rare Iris chrysographes ‘Mandarin purple’ border the pond.


With abundant wildlife including carp, damsel and dragonflies, and a plethora of butterflies. This garden is a magical space.


Our Head Gardener Bernard recommends you particularly look out for these stunning plants:

The Bridgemere Show Gardens proudly display 9 rare Champion trees, these have been nationally recognised as important for their size and age. In the Pond and Waterfall Garden we have 2 of the 9 Champion trees. One of the trees is the Cercidiphyllum japonicum, a delightful and unusual tree that exudes a sweet burnt sugar smell from its autumn foliage, hence its name the ‘Candy Floss Tree’. It also has unusual and very pretty heart shaped leaves; you may well smell it before you see it! Also you can’t miss the Gunnera, with its huge umbrella like foliage, which can grow to over 1 metre across.

 Osmunda regalis, known as royal fern, one of the largest of the European ferns, with fronds that can reach over 2.5 metres and the rare Darmera peltata, known as the Umbrella Plant, which grows up to 1.5m in height with leaves almost ½ metre wide. The big daddies of the gardening world.

Plants to look out for...


Click on a plant to find out more:

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