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Rose - A White Shade of Pale

The Rose Garden

There is nothing quite like the beauty of a rose garden!


In 2020 we opened our NEW Fryer's Rose Garden at Bridgemere Show Gardens. Fryer's, who have been specialising in roses for over a century, are internationally renowned and have gained prestigious awards from all over the world. These roses are now grown in our very own nursery next to the show gardens.


In 2021 we opened a NEW Fryers rose garden. The roses are grown in our very own nursery, next to this garden. The Fryers rose brand is over 100 years old. Arthur Fryer began growing roses commercially on a small plot of land in 1912 in Cheshire and from humble beginnings, his reputation as a supplier of excellent quality roses grew throughout the region. After the war Arthur was joined by his two sons and together they built up an extensive business, attending all the major flower shows, with their roses gaining international acclaim.


In 2011 Fryers Roses became part of the Blue Diamond Garden Centre portfolio. With an abundance of colour and variety, the roses bloom in June and will display throughout the summer months. You will find traditional scented roses, rambling and climbing roses and modern tea and bush roses in borders, along trellises and up the pagoda. The garden displays the roses to their very best within symmetrical beds and complemented with scented lavender, which borders the paths.


Our Gardener Bernard recommends you look out for his favourite rose varieties:

Whiter Shade of Pale is a highly fragrant, gorgeous bloom with a pale, pink centre, which fades gently out to white. Dancing Queen, a climbing rose with large elegantly formed blooms of bright pink that are carried in profusion on a vigorous plant. Also Nostalgia, a stunning fragrant rose that is a white bloom with a fabulous cherry red outer edge.

A new garden - beautiful and inspiring.

Plants to look out for...


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