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The Lawns

The elegant lawns are a real highlight and a great place to sit and relax.


The lawned area with a tapestry of magnolias and rhododendrons surrounding the formal beds of tulips and then daffodils, is at it’s very best in spring and then summer. The lawn is edged with an unusual espalier hedge which in the autumn is bountiful with numerous varieties of delicious apple varieties.


NEW in 2021 a stunning colourful delphinium border, the ultimate early summer perennial and one of our favourites!


Our Head Gardener Bernard recommends you particularly look out for these stunning plants:

 The garden contains a quintessentially English rose border where you will find a rare shrub rose called Josephine Hooker, which was grown specifically for Bridgemere by David Austin. In the borders also look out for Rhododendron Ken Janeck, which is considered one of the best varieties. It’s known for its appealing evergreen foliage and the abundant clusters of soft pink richly coloured trumpet flowers. In the autumn the espalier hedge delivers a bountiful crop of apples. We have numerous varieties including Egremont Russet a classic popular with the Victorians and delicious with a slice of cheese! Worcester Pearmain the epitome of an English apple and Delicious, the predecessor the now common golden delicious.

Plants to look out for...


Click on a plant to find out more:

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